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Just read what our residents have to say about living the Port Warwick SUITE LIFE!!!

My friends, no, my family, those who mean the most to me, are with me every day. The Port community has become my home and makes me proud to be who I am. This is the beginning of my life, paying my own bills, making my own money, and Port Warwick is a vehicle by which I will be able to become my own man. Developing maturity and relationships is a lifelong process and both are made possible in this environment, supported by the people I love. I will remember these years forever as some of the best in my life.


Living at University Suites has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Port Warwick is a tight knit community where residents are free to have fun, while at the same time feel safe in the Newport News area. As a resident of University Suites, I love that I feel truly cared about and well taken care of. I am personally known by name, treated to hot coffee and hot chocolate every morning, and spoiled with free food Friday each week. University Suites have truly made me feel that I am home away from home and this is why I love living here.


University Suites: THE Place to Live

Why you ask?

Because I have my own room with my own bathroom. Because there is a pool and clubhouse with awesome activities throughout the year. Because I can still be myself in a community of students with similar interests and goals as me. Because there is nothing better than walking around Port knowing at least ten people. Because it is important to feel safe where you live but still have a great time any day of the week. Because “Port” is where it’s at and where it forever will be. Because University Suites is THE place to live.

Living at University Suites is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that many people and college students never get to experience. How many people can say that when they walk into the main office, the beautiful ladies at the front desk are smiling and greet you by your first names? How many people get the chance to connect with their neighbors on a completely different level? Not many that’s for sure. I actually haven’t heard of relationships like these outside of University Suites. I honestly love living in an environment where people genuinely care about my wellbeing and are always looking for a good time.

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